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We are part of Primitas Learning Partnership

Today is our conversion day and we are now part of the Primitas Family of schools. These include EDA (Erasmus Darwin Academy) Highfields Primary Academy and Ridgeway Primary Academy. 


It has been a long process but the DFE have past the order and we are now part of the Primitas Learning Partnership.


What in the name?


We took our time deciding upon a name because we wanted it to really mean something. We wanted a name which really encapsulated the kind of Trust that we aspire to be.

And the starting point of the naming process was making the decision to be known as a “Learning Partnership” instead of a “Multi-Academy Trust.” We believe that Learning Partnership better reflects our vision and more clearly conveys our desire to be a truly collaborative educational venture where every academy matters and has a voice.

Even though we are a Multi Academy Trust in law, we are a Learning Partnership at heart and that is why our name does not mention any particular school; We do not believe in the concept of a ‘lead school’ which has greater status, influence or privilege than any other. We believe that all schools are fundamentally and equally important to the partnership and its ongoing success and development.

During the naming process, two Latin words resonated with us incredibly powerfully, as they encapsulate both what we want to provide and how we want to function:
Primiceriatus: Leadership, guidance, direction
Bonitas: Goodness, kindness, integrity, excellence

And so, as we explored these two words and their meanings in greater depth and detail, the name Primitas was formed, reflecting our core purpose and becoming an intrinsic part of our vision:

  • Primi is the plural form of the Latin word Primus, which means No.1, the leader, of prime importance. Primitas, therefore, means a state of being whereby everyone is of prime importance and all can provide leadership, with integrity and kindness, to help and support others.

Finally, it is important to realise that Primitas Learning Partnership came into being during a global pandemic when the whole world was forced to confront the reality that life is a team pursuit and that we need each other, more than ever, in order to survive, thrive and succeed. These vital truths have therefore become part of our DNA.