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Parent Volunteers

 Parent Helper Guidelines

June 2019

Parent Helper Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to help our children in school. We feel that the involvement of parents in children's education is vital and we encourage active participation in many ways.

Some parents come to school to help with a variety of tasks such as ICT, cooking, and especially reading, and usually work with small groups in specific classes. Other parents help when the children are taken on visits outside school. Similarly, some parents like to help in their child’s own class and some prefer to help elsewhere in the school. In whatever way parents offer their time, we are always extremely grateful.

The aim of this booklet is to give you all the information you need to make your time both worthwhile and enjoyable. Thank you for your support.

At Holly Grove Primary School we want children to be happy and confident and to develop an enduring love of learning.

We aim to:

  • Provide a rich and balanced curriculum, encouraging creativity and promoting high standards, so that children can learn successfully
  • Value individuality, promote respect for other cultures and beliefs and provide equal opportunities for all
  • Encourage children to respect and value themselves and others
  • Acknowledge the solid learning foundations from children’s early years. Helping them to move on with growing independence and confidence
  • Develop a positive partnership with families and the wider community
  • Encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and others and for their learning and their environment
  • Create an environment, which is welcoming, secure, supportive and fun and where all achievements are valued

Parent helpers have a valuable role in helping us to fulfil these aims.


There is now a requirement for schools to carry out a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check for all staff and volunteers who have regular contact with children. All schools need to hold a register of the checks undertaken.

In order for you to work in school as a volunteer, you will need to complete a DBS form (completed on online in the school office) Please be assured that all information will be treated in the strictest confidence and that these checks are done only in the best interests and safety of the children.

When you first start as a Parent helper, you will be signposted to a copy of the school’s Safeguarding Policy (in the staff room and online) and the Keeping Children Safe in Education. You will be asked to sign to say that you have read these. We also have a Safeguarding notice board in the staff room with lots of other information on it.

If a child tells you something that causes you concern, please tell the class teacher or any other member of staff who will help you to fill in the appropriate form as soon as possible after the disclosure in an appropriate setting so that others cannot overhear.

Mrs. Barnes is the School Designated Safeguarding lead

Mrs. O’Hare is the School Deputy Safeguarding lead

Mrs Spencer Safeguarding Officer.


On arrival at school, please sign in at the office where you will receive a volunteers’ badge. You also need to turn off mobile phones and you are not allowed to use mobile phones within the main school. You can use them in the staff room or outside the front entrance.

Parent Helper Guidelines


  • Confidentiality It is very important that all staff, parent volunteers and other adults working in the school work to a policy of confidentiality. You may see children struggling with work, be upset or misbehaving or hear/see other information concerning a child while you are with us in school. It is vital that you do not share anything about specific children with friends or family or a child’s parent if you know them. The teachers here have the responsibility of informing parents of any concerns about a child.
  • Volunteers working in classrooms should do so on the understanding that they support the teaching staff and will not pass opinion on such matters as discipline or teaching styles outside the school.
  • Volunteers in school are asked not to use the time to deal with issues regarding their own children. If you wish to speak to the class teacher or another member of staff, you should make an appointment in the usual way.
  • Volunteers are respectfully asked that they dress appropriately for being in school.
  • Please do not worry about your child's behaviour while you are helping as often he/she will behave quite differently if mum/dad is there. Most children soon get used to their parent helping in class and settle down after a few weeks.
  • Please don’t have favourites – as humans we are drawn to certain individuals but it is important that all children in school are given equal time and attention.
  • Please encourage the children to be independent - we expect children to try everything themselves before we help them.
  • Please do not lift, carry or move a child in any way.
  • If you are unable to be in school, please let the class teacher know either in person or by telephoning the office.
  • Volunteers, Parents and Guardians who attend school events are not permitted to have their mobile phone on their person as this is part of our Child Safeguarding Policy. If any Volunteers, Parents or Guardians who turns up with their mobile phone and refuses to hand it into staff will not be allowed to attend the event. If you are awaiting an emergency phone call please leave your phone with office staff who will find you if your phone rings. School provides lockers for Volunteers who work in school.

Tea/coffee arrangements

There are tea and coffee making facilities in the school staff room. This is provided free of charge. The toilets are next to the staff room.

In the Event of a Fire Alarm

Please exit the school by one of the fire exits – if you are in a classroom head towards the playgrounds. KS2 playground is the assembly point for the older children and KS1 for the younger children. If you are in nursery – the nursery playground. If you are in the office area or the staff room – leave by the front entrance and assembly outside the main entrance. If you are in the hall please leave through the back, main hall doors which leads to the car park.

Thank you!

In case we forget to say, please be assured that we really do appreciate your help (we may sometimes forget because we are so busy but we do).

If you have any worries or query, or any good ideas on how we can improve something, please let us know – we are always willing to listen.

June 2019