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Eco Team

Eco Team 2023/2024

On Monday 23.10.23 our new Eco Team had their first meeting after school. As a group the children decided on a new Eco Code for the year and discussed where and what they wanted to start looking at. It was decided that we would look at reduce recycle and re use as our first topic. 
The children have asked for litter pickers so we can look after our school outdoor environment regularly. 
The children have been asked to talk to the rest of their class during class assembly time about what we discussed and to hand out leaflets about Plantober ( please click on the link below for more information). They are also going to ask for milk bottles to be saved at home  so that we can re use them and construct something outside in the Forest school are that will be off use. 

The children are going to be responsible for emptying the recycling bins from their class and around the school as well as making sure paper isn’t being wasted. 
As a team we discussed taking part in The Green Tree Award (please see link below) and are looking forward to making a difference. 

Our next meeting is planned for November 27th at 3.30 pm 

January 24 

As a team we got together to talk about our next steps. As a group we decided that we needed to help get the idea that we need to save energy so we talked to our class during class assemblies on ways we can help save energy to help save the world. 

we also began to recreate an igloo using the milk bottles we had save d and nursery used this for their reading book corner. We discovered that it’s hard to glue them together so need to find more substantial ways to use them. 


26.2.24 - The children decided how they were going to get involved in World Earth Day and then started to make posters to make children aware.using their technology skills They discussed as a group how to turn it into a competition for the rest of the school. 

Eco Team Code 2023

Previous Years 

Our Eco Code (What we believe in):


Environmental Care

Co-operate with the world

Only use what we need


Take time to recycle

Energy Savers

Aiming to save our planet

Make our world a better place


Christmas Recycling






Recycle or replant your Christmas Tree 
Some useful information that was published January 2020 and something to think about as you discard your tree. 

Battery Recycling

Please do not put batteries in your general waste bin. We have battery recycle buckets in the front entrance of the school or take them to local supermarkets who usually have the buckets too. 

Festival of Winter Walks 20th Dec 20-5th Jan 2021

We are inviting you to take part in a winter walk localy over the festive period. We really are quite lucky to have such beauty spots around us and so close. 

Eco Update Januray 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Winter festival of walks. We had some lovely photo's.

A huge thank you to everyone who recycled christmas cards , wrapping paper and their christmas trees. 

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are holding a 'Big Garden Bird Watch from 29th - 31st January. It woud be lovely if you could join in. Details can be found below.:

Why Birds are important to our environment?

Climate Change Bid

We have put in a bid for some funding to enable our younger children to scoot to school rather than come in the car. We are trying to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and save our planet. 

The bid is for a scooter pod which allows up to 12 scooters to be stored safely. It is even made from recycled plastic. We are awaiting to  find out if it has been successful. Staffordshire County Council Climate Fund will be in touch shortly. Fingers crossed we will be accepted!

Earth Hour March 27th 2021

Please take part in Earth Hour on Saturday 27th March at 8.30 pm ( earlier for our younger children) Anyone that takes part please let us know and we will send you a certificate. 

World Earth Day 22nd April 

After the holidays as a school we will be taking part in World Earth Day ( we will be taking part at some point in the first week back) . Every class will be doing something towards the theme of ‘Restore our Earth’ so keep your eyes and ears posted for more information on this.  A questionnaire / activity sheet has been produced to get the children thinking especially our KS2 children. Mrs Heap and the lunchtime staff will also be taking part and are creating a special menu for three days. Mrs Heap will provide more information on this. 

 For more information-look on

Climate Change Bid

Staffordshire County Council granted us some money for our very own scooter pod. I a leased to say that it has been ordered, put together and is now being used by KS1 children to encourage less carbon use in our local environment. Every class / pupil in KS1 and the Early Years will get the chance to come to school on their scooter and leave it safetly on the premisses when its their turn. Whats so great about the pod is that its made from recycled plastic. 

World Earth Day 

Below are the results of the questinoarrie that the children took part in



The Eco Team are raring to go this year and are working towards the Green Flag award again. The first Term we concentrated on Energy saving ideas. Our team checked that staff and children were saving energy by switching off interactive whiteboards and computers/IPads and other technology equipment when they were not being used. It was decided that we would have a Tech free Tuesday and we planned to have a whole day in school where all lessons would be completley technology free,except for the office staff and of course the kitchen as we all wanted our lunches cooking for us. We were going to see how much energy we saved in a day.Unfortunatley due to lockdown we didnt get to do this in school however, as a school we had tech free days at home and photographs of the children enjoying activities without technology were shared.

At Christmas the team entered a competition to design and make a recycled Christmas Decoration. We had some amazing designs and ideas from wax crayon melts, to recycled snowmen, card tube christmas trees and more.

Lockdown 2020

During lockdown due to the coronovirus our team had to work from home. We had lots of ideas planned on saving water and ocean days but we still got the the school to join in with different activities and celebration days. Please see the information below to find out what we did. We look forward to moving our ideas forward next year to further work on our Green Flag Award.



Spring 2016

Holly Grove Eco Team have had a very successful 2016 so far. Fresh off the back of being awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag for a second successive time the Team have been helping the Queen celebrate her 90th birthday. The team joined people across the country on Friday 'Clean for the Queen' to give the Queen a birthday present of a clean country. A lot of fun was had and six bags of litter were collected.

See below to take you to link to follow the Rocket Seeds Project.


Autumn Term 2015

This Autumn term the Eco Team have been working very hard on our waste and food topics. Our star gardeners have filled the polytunnel with delights for the school kitchen, thanks to Mrs Holloway for the gardening support. As part of waste topic the team have sent home bags for parents to fill with old clothes which can be recycled instead of going to landfill. School will also receive some money for each kg donated so it's good for everyone. Bags are due to be returned to school on October 15th.


Coming up this term we will welcome new Eco Team members from across the school as well as saying hello again to long serving team members. Our theme this Autumn is 'Goodbye Standby' where we will be encouraging children, staff and parents to turn chargers and appliances off when they're not being used. News on competitions and our blog will be with you after half term so watch this space.

Also at the end of this term our Green Flag status is due for renewal, we are sure that our brilliant, enthusiastic team will be rewarded with renewed status for all their hard work.