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Music at Holly Grove Primary School


At Holly Grove, we believe that music is a unique and powerful form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. Furthermore, we feel that there is great value in combining creativity with emotion that enables personal expression, reflection and development.


Our Vision and Aims

 - that children will develop the ability to listen to, and appreciate a wide variety of music, including that which has a specific purpose.

 - That children will have opportunities to explore and express ideas about music, in a variety of ways eg through dance.

 - That children will explore a range of musical elements, for example: pitch, tempo and dynamics.

- That we will encourage active involvement in creating and developing musical ideas using voices and instruments (tuned and untuned).

 - That we will develop a sense of group identity and togetherness through composing, rehearsing and performing music with others, to an audience.

- That we will help the children develop self-discipline and creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and fulfilment.


"There is no such thing as an unmusical person"

Hans Werner Henze


To find out more about the Music Curriculum at Holly Grove Primary School, please see the Music Curriculum Vision Statement below:

Music Action Plan 2019 - 2020