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Summer Term

Our Lockdown

In the stangest of times we have all pulled together and had an amazing half term, be it from a distance. We have stayed in touch through class dojo and showbie. Parents and children alike have been fantastic with the whole new home schooling. As staff we have recieved communication through these apps by voice notes, videos and messages. The staff had made videos and sent them to the children daily to keep in touch. The videos have been of stories, exercise, peer massage, dough gym and sinsing to name a few (certainly a new experience for the staff who in Early Years are used to singing and acting infront of the children but not on camera! ) We entered the term with a new topic 'Ways to Travel' and we have enjoyed lots of fun activities about travel on the roads. We started with one of our favourite songs 'The Wheels on the Bus'. We made buses, role played being the bus driver, made tickets and name badges, looked at signs on our daily exercise walk/bike ride, counted and discovered how many different sized wheels we could find, painted a bus, loked a different buses and described the diffrences. One of our children found a link to the  Wythall transport museum who do a virtual tour where you could see all of the old buses Museum so we all had a look at that too.

We then went onto other froms of road ransport and VE day Celebrations. Again we had lots of fun making a creating forms of transport, listened to the story 'The Journey home from Grandpa's, made marks in sand, flour, made taxi's out of playdough and built a taxi stop as well as a little bit of history talking about  our past and what happened a long time ago. We made paper aeroplanes and had parties to celebrate VE Day.

Following on from this we took the Emergency service route and learned about the Police and Fire Brigade. These were very popular topics. We had investigatons, people arrested, jails and police stations built, talked about the differences between old and new police uniforms and old and new fire engines. We made pictures, squirted water at targets, had fun in the foam and met Ghecko who gave use lots of interesting information about the police cars and fire engines ( and ) We made statements and took emergency phone calls, discuused how the police and fire service move around, discovered that some old police cars were called Jam sandwiches so we made our own jam sandwiches for lunch. raced cars down tubes and most importantly talked about staying safe. Some of our children have been updating us about the duck eggs and tadpoles they have at home. Lots of us have been budding chefs and cooking lots of yummy food and a few of us have learnt to ride a bike without stabilisers.  All of this and we have still found time to get in daily phonic and maths activities as well as weekly PE challenges from Mrs Taylor and science challenges from Mrs Carson. Finally we had a Mental Awareness challenge from Mrs Barnes during Mental Health Awareness week. Phew we have been so busy. 

Our last few weeks

Over the last month or two we have been very busy finishing off our topic on ways to travel. We looked at ways to travel in the air and the sea before finally finishing off with a small topic on mermaids and pirates. Its been a very different year and one we will never forget. You have all been truly amazing and we are very proud of you. 

Previous Years

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Lunchtime Menu

Summer Term 1

We welcome our new children and their families to the school. This half term we are looking at celebrations from our special days topic. We start with St George.

Previous Years

16-20th April

Welcome to our new children who have started this week and welcome back everyone. We hope you had a lovely break. This week we have started a new story Hansel and Gretel. We have talked about the front cover, listened to the story, made our own sweet houses, made trails and hunted for sweets. Phew we have been so busy.

23rd-27th April

This week we have been continuing with the story of Hansel and Gretel, we have acted out the story using finger puppets. In p.e we made an obstacle course where we had to slither like a snake, go under things, jump through hoops and balance on a wooden bench. We created some 3d houses for Hansel and Gretel to find in the forest using boxes and sweet wrappers and in forest school we made a cage for the wicked witch to go into using things that we had found in the environment, to finish the week off we made pathways to the cottage using a dice to tell us how many steps we could take and picked a card to tell us which direction to go in. Phew what a busy week.


30th April -4th May

This week we have introduced the children to a new story of The Gingerbread Man, as well as finalising activities on Hansel and Gretel. The children worked really hard making their sweet houses showing staff how well they can work together. The children have really enjoyed the story of the Gingerbread man. They started the week by mark making / writing about the story on a gingerbread shape. In maths the children measured out the ingredients to make their own salt dough gingerbread man.

Forest school this week was looking for signs of spring (not that it feels like spring at the moment!)

In PE the children continued to make obstacle courses and travel along the apparatus before jumping off and landing safely.

The children have been working very hard in phonics and mental maths


8-11th May

This week we have been continuing with our traditional stories looking at The Gingerbread Man. In P.E we continued with obstacle courses, this week we had to roll on the mats, jump into the hoops with our feet together and balance on the bench. We learnt how to make the instruments loud and quiet when singing along to the Gingerbread Man song and in forest school we planted some strawberry plants that were very kindly donated to us. On Friday we will be using the dice to help us find out how many characters we can put on our picture with the Gingerbread Man.

Miss Taylors Group have been playing the game Master, master can I cross your river and the word I. Mrs Bogacki has been working on alliteration. The afternoon children have been listening with Lola

Miss Taylor has been looking at patterns and number blocks.

Mrs Bogacki have been looking at shape and size ordering. The afternoon children have been looking at size.




14.5.18 - 18.5.18

This week we have been continuing with our traditional stories. We have listened to and read the story of Cinderella, made prince and princesses in Forest School, had racing games during PE, made celebration biscuits and in maths we have used shapes to make a prince or princess.


Miss Taylors Group have been playing musical statues and segmenting words. Mrs Bogacki has been making up silly sentences and rhyming. The afternoon children have been listening with Lola


Miss Taylor has been looking at finding the numbers from two groups of objects. Mrs Bogacki have been matching and talking about one more. The afternoon children have been using the language more and a lot.

21st-25th May

What a busy week we have had from painting, sequencing, games on the field, weaving and finally our Cinderella Ball. This week however has to be dedicated to Miss Taylor who has worked at Holly Grove for 34 years and leaves today. I know that all of the children, parents and staff a like are really going to miss her. We wish her all the luck in her new adventures wherever they may be, and hope she will pop back and see us from time to time.


4th-8th June

What a busy first week back we have had. We have read a new story this week called Spaghetti with the Yeti and the children have really enjoyed it. Mrs Heap must of known because this week for lunch we have had spaghetti bolognaise and spaghetti hoops with fish fingers. We had to make sure the Yeti didn't get any!

We have looked at and discussed the front cover, made yeti’s, played in spaghetti, used George’s rucksack for counting out picnic items or bones for the yeti, used a bow saw in forest school and learnt how to jump safely of low apparatus in PE.















11th-15th June

This week we have been talking about how special our dads, grandads and uncles are. We have made something special for them, written a tag, decorated our gift and played some maths games. We have been learning some new songs in phonics and been practising our numbers in maths. Miss Mantles maths group have been estimating (the children know it’s a good guess) Mrs Bogacki’s children have been playing dominoes counting the spots.

Thank you to all of the dads and children for making our Den making night so much fun. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.














25.6.18- 29.6.18

This week we have been very bust being pirates. We started the week listening to the story of Georges adventure and how he escaped from the sea monster by feeding him the pirate pizza. In PE we practised being pirates climbing the rigging, sweeping the decks, peeling the potatoes and scrubbing the floor before doing our exercises and walking the plank. In Maths Mrs Bogacki gave us a map to follow. We had to work out how many steps or jumps it took us to get to the next clue. In Forest school we made our own pirate boats using loppers to cut the branches and then putting them together with elastic bands. Leaves were used as sails. When we had finished we took them into Nursery to test them in the water play. All of the children going into Reception were very excited about having their school bears.


9th July-13th July

This week we have been very busy putting all of our skills learnt throughout the year in phonics and maths together and showing our teachers how good we are. We also had a lovely day on Wednesday learning about England (shame we didn't win!). Sports day to finish off the week. We would just like to say its been a pleasure teaching the children this year and we are looking forward to watching them grow further next year. Miss Mantle, Miss Taylor, Mrs Bogacki and Mrs Welch.