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Summer Term

Superto and the Carnival Castro-pea

As the children had enjoyed the Supertato stories before Easter and we had one left to do we started our term with the story about a carnival Of course Evil Pea got up to his old tricks and made a suck- a- tron 5000 which took all of the colour out of the vegetables. 
We had lots of fun colour mixing, working with black and white, creating suck- a - tons out of recycled materials and much much more. 
In mental maths we have been looking at pattern and Tall and short.
Three Little Pigs 

We moved on to a traditional tales and decided to start with one of our favourites. We listened to the story, talked about characters, repeated refrains, drew pictures, made our own houses with small and large construction kits. 
In mental maths we have been working on numbers in the environment and sequencing using the language first, next and then