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Summer Term

Summer Term 2024

Welcome to our new families we hope you enjoy your Journey with us. 

Barry The Fish with Fingers

The children wanted to learn and discover facts about water. We began with Barry The Fish with Fingers. We talked about how we use our hands and then had a go at painting with our feet to see how tricky it was! We have also looked at and discussed puffer fish and had a go at bubble painting as well as designing our own fish with collage materials. We talked about the story in detail and in maths we counted fish. 


Making a Fish and Chip Shop Role Play

The children wanted a fish and chip shop so with staff they have designed their own. The children have had a go at making some of the resources using paper, scissors, glue, hole punches and staplers. They are looking forward to playing in their over the next few weeks. 

World Earth Week 

Our first week back, welcome to all our new friends and families. We hope you have an enjoyable journey with us. 
This week we have been learning about how to save our planet. We have learnt some new vocabulary Earth, planet, land, sea, live. We have recycled materials and talked about looking after our own environment in nursery. We learnt about worms and that they have hair like bristles called Satae on them to help them move. We also learnt that they help to keep our soil in good condition and eat any waste. 
We made dirt cups - a chocolate pudding with worms ( jelly of course) inside. 
we used recycled materials to create a castle and a huge beanstalk. 

Jack and The Beanstalk 

Second week and we have read another traditional tale. We have extended our role play and finished off creating our castle. During continuous provision we have made some magic beans and put patterns on them. We have discussed size Tall and short. We had to decide who was the tallest teacher and then draw around them to make a giant. 
During Forest school we had a go at using loppers 

Billy Goats Gruff

We moved onto the Billy Goats Gruff story. Listening to the story and recreating it. This week we have been making a creating routes in maths using the language in front, behind, on and under. In literacy we either drew the troll or we had a go at writing in a speech bubble. We got to choose a goat or a troll. During PE we made up our own dances with the pom poms and scarves. 

In Phonics our January and April children have listened with Lola, whilst our September intake have learnt new sounds and pictures as well as played games , name play, Bertha the Bus, what's that noise, Blend from the box. 

During Forest School we discovered how to build a bridge using planks and tyres and crates. 

Gingerbread Man

Our last traditional tale is the Gingerbread Man. We listened to the story and then had to tell an adult what happened using as much descriptive language as we could. During creative we have designed our own gingerbread men in playdough and with paint. In maths we are ordering and finding numbers to 5 and weighing out ingredients to make our very own gingerbread. In literacy we are writing a shopping list so the teachers can go to the shops and buy the ingredients for us to make gingerbread. 

The Train Ride

The children have been very interested in ways to travel so we started with a favourite trains. We listened to the story of the Train Ride and discussed what the little girl saw on her journey. We used shapes to make train pictures, painted trains, wrote about the journey, created lots of train tracks made our very own train out of our chairs. 

Sports Day 

Over the last few weeks we have been practising for sports day. Our races include egg and spoon race, flat race, hoop race, bean bag race and of course a parents race.