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Spring Term

Our topic webs above explain areas we will be looking at this term. If your child started with us in September 2022 please look at the September intake one. If your child has just started with us please look at the January Intake one. Thank you 

Our first week back 

A warm welcome  to all of our new children and their families. 
This week we have helped our new children settle in and begun some of the routines for them to follow. Lots of new children are staying for lunch and the older children have been good role models and are helping the teachers. Well done. 
First half term 
Before Christmas the children already in our setting decided they wanted to look at snow and ice so we looked for stories based around the topic. As the children were interested in animals too we took the time to read stories about Penguins and Polar Bears. We discovered where Polar Bears and Penguins live using google and google maps. The children came up with their own questions to ask “ Where do penguins live? Can they fly? What do they eat” 

Our favourite story was The Magical Snow Garden - where we discovered with the penguin it’s hard to grow flowers in the snow the other stories were  Polar Bear and the snow Cloud, How to ride a polar Bear and brave Little Penguin. 

We also spent a week learning about Chinese New Year tasted food, listened to the story The Great Race, learnt Kung Hey Fat Choy, created a dragon dance to name just a few activities. 

During big maths we have been concentrating on numbers to 5 and patterns 

Second Half Term 

Previous years 

Chinese New Year

What a fantastic week we had learning about Chinese New Year . This year was the year of the rabbit but we found out that some of us were born in the year of the dog and some of us the year of pig. We had a red day as we discovered that red is a lucky colour. Everything we did was red that day , we even came to school dressed in red. We created stick puppets, made Jelly , red of course and created a dragon dance which we performed to the whole school. 

One Snowy Night and One Winters Night 

These stories are both base on animals in winter. We have had lots of discussions and found out that we need to help the birds in winter so made our own bird feeders. We  have also made Percy the Park Keeper huts and dens. Materials have different textures so we have been looking at and using different materials to make and create as well as learning new vocabulary. The children were fascinated by a whisk so we have made angel delight yum yum. 

The Snowball 

The children really enjoyed this story especially as they got to throw snowballs at the snowman. We made our own snowball faces, investigated ice, length using sticks ( as the snake all collected them on the way through the story) Listened to the story and began to talk about rhyming words.


we discussed lots of feelings and people that are important to us in this week. It was also valentines week. The children brought in photos from home to discuss and loved looking at how they had grown. They made their own cards and decided who they wanted to give them too. 

The Three Little Pigs 

The children have spent the first two weeks back after half term learning about The Three Little Pigs Story. The children have loved this story and have been fully engaged with the activities on offer. We have bubble blowing, re-told the story, made marks to say what the pig or wolf was saying. We have sequenced the story during maths. In dough gym we created pig faces. 

In Forest School - We have been colour hunting and bug hunting.

During Woodwork we have used a hammer. 

In big maths ( September intake) We have been problem solving (Jan intake) Building tall towers. 

During phonics we have been playing our blending games.