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Spring Term


On January 5th we returned after our Christmas Break and we said hello to all of our new children. We welcome them and their families to our setting. 

We started our year off with the topic of winter. Our role play was transformed into  an Ice Cream Parlour as the children were making them out of the the stickle bricks and magnetico. In outdoor learning we went on a winter walk to see what we could find. We managed to find holly leaves and berries, a wooley hat, gloves, some wellingtons, a bare tree, a fir tree and lots more. The children were disappointed though as we didn't see a robin. Our garden needed a good tidy up so we put on our wellington boots and got out the tools to get rid of lots of weeds. We also had a go at making a bat house in our forest school area as we discovered that they hibernate in the winter. 

During science nd creative sessions we have looked at and discovered lots of different ways to mix colours using paint and food colouring. 

In Phonics we have been working on our listening skills in the indoor and outdoor environment. We have also played instruments and tapped to the beat as well as playing games such as rhyming soup. 

Our teachers have been amazed with our mental maths work, counting, measuring, ordering numbers, making pictures with the shapes and different ways of making three. 

In woodwork we have been recapping on what is wood as well as learning new skills sanding and hammering. 

During PE we have been working on our ball skills. 

Chinese New Year

A fabulous week was had by all. This year was the year of the tiger and the children made and created as well as found out about facts at home. They then brought in their creations to share with everyone. In nursery the children played instruments, waved ribbons, joined in with a dragon dance, tried Chinese food, made masks, had a go at writing Chinese numbers and listened to the story of The Great Race. Our role play was changed into a Chinese Restaurant. 


As a school we took the theme of villains for World Book Day. In nursery we chose the ‘Evil Pea’ from Supertato. The children had an amazing week making supertato, printing fruit and vegetables as well as trying them, the squashed evil peas with mashers ( a firm favourite) and all dressed up. The children were so engaged with the story that the staff decided to order more books in the ‘Supertato’ range to further engage and develop the children’s interest and love of books. 
Supertato Bubbly Troubly was a great way for us to discover how to make bubbles, Evil Pea was up to his tricks again and the children had to hunt for the soap however, by going over and through an obstacle course first. 
The children got to work the week beginning 14.3.22 on making and their environment outside more interesting and tidying it up. They cleaned and moved things around as well as digging up some weeds.