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We are closed for the summer holidays! Children return on Thursday 2nd September 2021.
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Spring Term

January 2021

A huge welcome back and especially to our new children who started on 5th January (even though its been in the strangest of circumstances with another lockdown). We have been very busy learning about Ice and snow. We have had a go at an ice experiment, painted snowmen, learnt a new snowman song, listened to stories, played a game as well as mark making in the flour and foam. 

We have connected with our teachers through live stories and watched them on videos to enable us to work safely from home. In phonics we have been doing lots of listening and rhymes and in mental math's we have been consolidating our numbers. Phew and that's all in our first week.

We continued our topic on winter and discovered lots more facts about snow and ice. We even had snow in our water play!

Chinese New Year

We started our mini topic on Chinese New Year with a story called 'The Great Race' by Dawn Casey. We discovered that the rat won the race. We also discovered that we were born in the year of the monkey or rooster. We have made masks, painted dragons, played in the Chinese take away, made shape animal pictures, made red jelly and then played in it. We even had a go at writing some Chinese numbers. 

In mental math's we were using our problem solving skills and in phonics we have been doing lots on voice sounds. 



The children took such an interest in animals after our Chinese New Year story ‘The Great Race’ that we decided to learn about animals on the farm. So far we have learnt about sheep and cows. Lots of interesting facts have been found out about these animals through using the internet, books and video clips. The children have had fun investigating with milk and wool. They have painted with wool and in milk ( this was quite magical as the food colouring floated on top of the milk and made lots of different patterns) we had a go at milking a cow ( pretend of course!) , made milkshake, painted and collared sheep, played with our farm set and much much more. 
in phonics we have beeen rhyming and beginning to use alliteration. We find these very tricky but are starting to get the hang of it. In big maths we have been working on number - ordering and matching numeral to quantity 

World Book Day 

On World Book Day we joined in with school and dressed up as one of our favourite characters or came to school in our Pyjamas. We listened to the story of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl . That day we played a crocodile maths game, had crocodiles in the water play and used bubble wrap to make prints on the crocodiles. 

More Farm adventures 

We have looked at some more animals in detail. First of all we discovered that baby pigs are called piglets. We listened to one of our favourite stories The Three Little Pigs and pretended to be a pig or the big bad wolf using puppets. We huffed and puffed but we couldn’t blow the house down! We found out what happened when we mixed white with red and then painted some pigs. As pigs like to be in mud we had a mud day and played in our mud kitchen. 
Following on from pigs we looked at ducks. We discovered that a baby is called a duckling, a mom is a hen and a dad is a drake. We decided to look at different textures and then used these to create pictures of a duck. The cereals we used were hard crunchy and difficult to brake up. In maths we had to look at the numbers and match the amount of  ducks. We wrote about what a duck looks like. 
During PE we have been remembering the rules in the hall, joined in with exercises and learnt how to play two new games. Pigs was our favourite game. 
In phonics we have been segmenting and blending with metal Mike and after a request from the children created more Alliteration Aliens 

In big maths we have continued with our numbers consolidating numbers to 5. 

Our topic plans in Lockdown starting January 21
Spring Term Topic Web 2020

One Book One School

We are starting the term off looking at a book as a whole School. More information in January

We started the term off with our one book one school 'Wanted the Perfect Pet'. We read the story a few pages at a time. We learnt that Henry wanted a dog so he put an advertisement in the paper. Duck who had no name or friends saw the advertisement and decided to make a disguise. The children found this very funny. As duck had no friends we wrote to him and posted the letters.

We have been learning how to take photos on the I pads. We took a picture of our friends and then we took a selfie. We used our photos to make a disguise either a cat or a dog. In phonics we have been doing alliteration and have had fun looking for buried treasure.

In our third week we celebrated Chinese New Year. We danced and sang, tried Chinese food, made a drum, copied some Chinese writing, listened to the story 'The Great Race' and had some races ourselves. Phew what a busy three weeks we have had.

February and March

Over the last few weeks we finished off our topic on Jungle and began to think about spring. The book corner has been changed into a castle and we have had the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We went on a spring hunt and looked at all the changes happening. The children had an amazing week during World Book Day where we had lots of different reading acivities to do. We looked at the book 'Room on the Broom' to coincide with the Harry Potter theme for the rest of school. In phonics we concentrate on Alliteration and Rhyming through our letters and sounds phase 1 work. In maths we have been ordering numbes 0-8 using numbers, dots and nmicon as well as extra resources such as compare bears or unifix cubes. n shape we have made our own pictures. 

Now due to the Coronovirus we are communicating through Class Dojo, Showbie and we have sent you home a pack of activities you can do. Please kep in touch and stay safe.

Previous Years
This Terms Topic Web

Spring Term 2 2019

This half term we have had lots of fun with Traditional Tales. We have looked at the stories The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk in detail. We have also talked  St Davids Day and St Patrick Day, Mothers Day and Easter as part of our British Values. Thank you to everyone who turned up for our Parent Partnership Mothers Day  Cream Tea event.

We have been working hard on our fine motor skills to help strengthen our fingers to help with our writing. In PE we have been strengthening our muscles. We have danced using pom poms, balanced over benches, pulled ourselves along the benches, learnt how to land safely as we jump off apparatus, and gone over and under the apparatus. 

In Woodwork we have been learning how to hammer things into the wood.

During Forest School we have been on spring walks, had mud play as well as making worm sandwiches for the giant.

In Big Maths the children have worked really hard on numbers and recognising shapes. 

During Phonics we have been learning the sounds s a t p i n





Spring Term 1 2019

This half term we have been very busy. We have talked about winter and discovered lots of new facts. We have painted our own snowmen and added different materials for the features. We listened to Percy the Park Keeper and made our own houses out of boxes and materials for the animals. Of course when it snowed we made the most of it and had lots of fun outside.

We finished the half term with Chinese New Year Celebrations and Valentines Day. Every child made a valentines card for a friend in Nursery. During Chinese New Year made up a dragon dance and scared the rest of school, used chopsticks to get beads out of the rice, tasted Chinese food, had a go at writing Chinese, learnt that it was the year of the pig and how to say Happy New Year (Kung Hey Fat Choy). We also made some pigs and did some bubble blowing.

In woodwork we all learnt how to use the hammer and hammered a nail into a piece of wood.

In PE we have been working on our throwing and catching skills using balloons and Scarves.

We have also introduced dough gym to strengthen our fine motor muscles in our hands and fingers. 

This half term we have been learning scissor skills and have snipped, cut on a line and a curve.

Previous years

4th and 5th January

It has been lovely to see the children again and they were very excited to tell us about their Christmas. We welcomed our January intake of children into the setting. 

As it has been very cold just recently we decided to start the term off by looking at winter. We have painted pictures of snowmen and talked about ice.

8th-12th January

This week we have continued with our mini topic on Winter. We listened to the story Owl's Winter Rescue and talked about what happened. We even suggested ideas. We have decorated our snowmen now that they are dry with lots of different things. In maths we helped penguin by problem solving how many ice cubes he needed to re-build his house. During PE we learnt how to use the hockey sticks. Our new friends went in the hall for the first time and played circle and parachute games. We have been counting in mental maths and have recapped on our phonic songs s,a,t,i in phonics. Phew what a busy week!

15th-19th January

This week we have been very busy. We started our new topic off with Old MacDino Had a Farm. We looked at the front cover and decided what was going to happen in the story. We have built dinosaurs out of construction materials, described dinosaurs and even made triangle dinosaurs. In mental maths and phonics we have been learning new sounds and numbers. Another fun packed week.

22nd-26th January

This week we have continued our topic on dinosaurs by painting our own dinosaurs, playing a dinosaur game, made playdough dinosaurs. We have had phonics and mental maths time  as well as PE in the hall. On Wednesday we showed our visitors how well we all play and learn together and the teachers were very proud of us.

5th-9th February

Our final week on dinosaurs has been full of eggstra fun!

We have looked for numbers in the environment, learnt ball skills in PE, played a dinosaur egg game, painted eggs, added various textures to our eggs, made cakes which were dairy free. We also discovered where dinosaurs liked to lay their eggs.

Tuesday 6th February was Internet safety day. Smartie the penguin taught us the right thing to do.

12th - 16th February

What a fantastic week we have had celebrating the Chinese New Year.

On Monday we showed the teachers in school how good we are at talking about pictures in books, we also had the Chinese New Year Story. On Tuesday we practised our Chinese Dragon Dance. On Wednesday we made paper plate dogs, On Thursday we played a dice game where we had to put the correct amount of spots on a dog and on Friday we had our dragon dance where we scared the school and a Chinese Banquet.

We also talked bout China being a different Country, how they celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt how to say Happy New Year in Chinese

Kung Hey Fat Choy


26th February-2nd March

This week we have started our Topic on Fairy Tales. We have started with the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have listened to and joined in with the repeated refrains of the story, huffed and puffed like the big bad wolf with straws and paint and Started to write/make marks to represent the story. In PE we learnt how to throw and catch a ball. We have also started See, Think, Wonder sessions and this week was all about the big bad wolf. Well done to the afternoon children who had their first forest school session this week.


Miss Taylor's Group have been recapping on the sounds s a t i p n ’.and began alliteration. They have played I spy and Buried treasure Miss Mantles children have been continuing with metal mike, segmenting and blending sounds. Next week we begin Phase 2. The afternoon children have had fun with Lola.

Mental Maths

Miss Mantles group have been looking at the shapes circle and triangle.

Miss Taylor's group have been looking at the shapes triangle and square.

In the afternoon the children have been counting objects 1-1 correspondence.




5th March - 9th March


This week we have continued with our story of the Three Little Pigs. The children have really enjoyed learning about this story. We have had some lovely writing from them all. We have hidden pigs and then pretended to be the big bad wolf to find them describing where they were on top under etc We have had mystery items in feely bags and had to describe what they felt like,. In forest school we made soup for the Big Bad Wolf. We have also been doing some special things for our mommies to say thank you for everything they do. Have a lovely day on Sunday with the family.


Miss Taylors Group have been continuing with alliteration. Miss Mantles children have begun phase 2 and enjoyed playing new games. The afternoon children have had fun with Lola. and had to listen very carefully to the instructions


Miss Mantles group have been representing numbers using marks.

Miss Taylor's group have been looking at the shapes square and rectangle

In the afternoon the children have been looking at shapes

12th - 16th March

This week we have started the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. We have had lots of fun. On Monday we listened to the story and answered questions, on Tuesday we learnt how to play stuck in the mud, Wednesday the children painted pictures to do with the story and on Thursday we had a messy day in the mud. Friday Mrs Bogacki did some measuring activities with us.

Miss Taylors Group have learnt the sounds m and d. Miss Mantles children have been using magnetic letters to make vc and cvc words such as sap tip pan. Miss Mantles group will be bringing home a phase 2 sounds and word mat. The afternoon children have had fun with Lola and a balloon. The children had to pass the balloon without it floating away.

Miss Mantle and Miss Taylors group have been separating a group of three or four objects in different ways, recognising the total is still the same.

In the afternoon the children have been looking at numbers 1 and 2

Please see Nursery newsletter 24 for muddy photo's



19th-23rd March

This week we have continued with Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have drawn a picture of their favourite character and made marks to represent writing, painted or decorated a beanstalk leaf, measured themselves against a beanstalk height chart, made the Giant a worm sandwich in Forest school and during PE we learnt some Marching Moves.

We have been assessing the children during mental maths and Phonics

26-29th March

This week we have had a mini topic on Easter. We learnt why there is a cross on the top of the hot cross buns, made Easter Cards and had an Easter Egg Hunt. We also had lots of parents and Grandparents come in and join us for the end of the session on Tuesday.