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Spring Term

Spring 1 

At the start of January we continued with our phonics journey, however we adapted this to our new scheme of 'Little Wandle Letters and Sounds'. We carried on learning our trigraphs and digraphs of phase 3. Our new topic for Spring 1 is all about 'Winter and Ice'. We experiment with different experiments where we had to predict what we thought was going to happen and then testing out the experiment to see if we were right. Some of the experiments we did were 'sticky ice', 'how to rescue an animal' and the 'blubber experiment'. As part of our topic we learnt all about different animals that live in the Artic and Antarctica. 


Spring 2

When we came back after half term we started our new topic of 'new life'. To start with we started to look for the different signs of spring. We went on spring walks and in our forest school sessions we made some observations drawings of some of the different flowers we have around our school grounds. We then moved on to think about new life and farm animals. We were very lucky to have 'living eggs' come into Reception. They brought us 10 eggs and fortunately all 10 hatched. It really made our learning come to life. Aswell as this amazing experience we also went on our first farm trip to Bradshaws Farm. We were very lucky to be able to pet some of their animals aswell as feed the alpacas. We ended the term thinking all about Easter, were we did lots of dun activities including a Easter bonnet parade. Mrs Backhouse from St. John's church came and read us the Easter story along with helping us make some lovely Easter crafts. 


On Monday's children are split into 3 different groups . They stay in these groups for 5 weeks and then the groups rotate. After 3 rotations all children will have had the opportunity to do cooking with Miss Marshall, Woodwork with Mrs Southall and Sewing with Mrs Ellis.