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Autumn Term

Settling In Weeks

We welcome all of our children and parents to the setting with a play and stay session week beginning 5th September 2023. Please see you email for your allocated slot. 

Week Commencing 11.9.23 All 30 hour and 15 hour plus children will begin.

Week Commencing 18.9.23 All 15 hour children will begin. 


We spend the first few weeks settling and getting to know your children. Key Workers will be allocated and you will be informed who your child's Key Worker is shortly

11th - 15th September

Our 30 hour children have had a lovely time getting to know each other and investigating all of the nursery both inside and outside. 

18th - 22nd September 

Our 15 hour children have joined us this week. We are spending time settling the children into the routines, making friends and discovering all that is on offer. We have started to base line the children on their fine motor skills. 
on Tuesday the weather turned very windy and blew lots of apples off our tree so we have used these to roll and make apple people/ superheroes. 

25th - 29th September 

This week we have been working on our Communication and Language skills. We have listened to the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea and talked about what happened in the story. 

We have also been looking at different Logo's and everyone knew McDonalds ! and most of us knew the school logo. Lets see how many other logo's you see on your family adventures?

We have also had a massive amount of apples fall off our tree so we have picked them, made apple sandwiches and even had a go at apple bobbing. This was so much fun!

October 2023

We have had lots of fun this October with the story ‘We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt’ 

The children had a few pages each week read to them and they could not wait to find out what happened at the end. We spent three weeks looking a specific things related to the story. The first week we looked at spiders, learnt lots of facts, found spiders and made our own spider web catchers, crated play doh spiders as well as planting our own spider listening carefully to the instructions. 
The second week we looked at bats. We discovered lots of new things about bats, created a bat out of black paper, and had our very own Bobby bat that got up to no good especially trying to eat our fruit.

The last week we looked in detail at pumpkins and recreated the story in our sensory garden. It was great to find the big pumpkin because there was a treat for us too ! 

November 2023

After the holiday we started the second half term looking at Fireworks. We splatter painted, created rockets, made firework pictures and then had to put Guy Fawkes under the box, on top of the box, in front of the box and behind the box. 

Nursery Rhyme Week - all of Early Years children took part in nursery rhyme week, looking at the rhymes, Hickory Dickory, Row Row Row your boat, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. 

The children have then been looking at celebrations ,birthdays in particular. We celebrated Bobby Bats Birthday , made cakes, made play dough cakes,, birthday cards, and put patterns on a cake. 
Following in from this we have looked at celebrating birthdays around the world. In Denmark they put up flags outside the house so we made a flag using cutting skills. In India they make sweets so we followed a recipe to make Marshmallow pops. In China they celebrate with long noodles. We had to decide which bowl of noodles had more and which had less. 


Previous Year 2022/23

Our first couple of weeks 13th- 23rd September
we have spent a couple of weeks getting to know each other and learning the class rules. We have watched our new playground be developed and had lots of fun running around on it once it was completed. Our apple tree has dropped lots of apples onto the floor so we have been looking after our environment and picking them up. We did fancy having a taste of them so Miss Mantle and Mrs Taylor used their Forest school skills to release lots of juicy ones for us to collect. We are going to use them for lots of exciting activities next week. 


The children had their first time at Forest school on Monday 26th September. All of the children had a great time outside learning the rules, making a den, playing games and having snack. We were having that much fun that we nearly forgot to go back in for lunch! 
The apples off the trees are giving the children the opportunity to discover lots of different ways to use them such as making apple sandwiches, printing apples, rolling them and weighing them. 

October- At the beginning of the week the children were looking at and talking about the autumn things they have found at home or on a walk-in their local environment. The children then sorted the items by size, made collages with them and spent some time looking at the items closely and describing them using language they already knew or new vocabulary taught to them. 


After half term we decided to look at some Jill Murphy books. As the children have shown an interest in instruments and singing we started with Peace at Last. Mr Sutton played his Guitar and we sang lots of rhymes. In Literacy we listened to the story and talked about what happened. During maths we played hide and seek the bear looking at prepositions. Forest School was amazing, We had a real fire and made some counting sticks before eating marshmallows. Creative was a little tricky, but lots of fun as we learnt how to squirt paint with a pipette. During PE we played a game called tails. 

Whatever Next

This week we began by having a go at using scissors and in woodwork we had to find something made of wood. During maths we had to follow instructions and find the correct amounts to make fireworks. Creative brought lots of mess splatter painting, whilst in  PE we turned ourselves into rockets and zoomed to the moon. In Literacy we made marks to represent writing and we even had a picnic with the bear on the moon. 

World Nursery Rhyme Week 

We had a lovely week taking part. We sang the nursery rhyme and did lots of different activities.

Monday - The Big Ship Sailed on The Alley Alley Oh - This was our Forest school day. We dressed up as pirates, played pirate pirate treasure (duck duck goose). Learnt how to tie a knot and drag a large log, created our own pirate ship and walked the plank. 
Tuesday - 1 2. 3. 4. 5 - Today we repeated patterns, played flap the fish as well as playing fishing games 

Wednesday - Five Little Speckled Frogs - During PE we jumped like frogs and then we made some frog masks

Thursday - B I N G O - we played bingo games to encourage our listening skills 

Friday - Twinkle Twinkle - Creating stars with paint and glitter , making play doh stars 

Barry The Fish With Fingers
As the children had taken such a huge interest in fish and underwater creatures after singing ‘12345 Once I caught a fish alive’ during Nursery Rhyme Week we decided to read the story Barry the fish with fingers. Activities undertaken were Listening to the story and then engaging in extended conversations, mark making and drawing a fish, bubble blowing, bubble painting ( the puffer fish) fishing games, looking at creatures and discussing size using the language big and small, bigger smaller, painting a fish, pattern work to name just a few. 

Mud Play Day 

Our last Forest School session for this year was a mud play session. We had a great day and even made a birthday cake. Miss Mantle showed us how to use our new tap and syphon which was really good fun.