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Autumn Term

Play and Stay Sessions

We welcome all of our children to the setting. Please refer to the information that has been sent to you for you play and stay session. We look forward to seeing you from 10am until 12pm where you can meet the staff and discover our indoor and outdoor environments.

Children who will be attending 30hrs will start on Monday 13th September. Children who are attending 15hrs will start on Monday 20th September.

First Week for our 30 hours children

We have had a very busy week in nursery. We have had lots of fun both indoors and outdoors, made new friends, learnt some of the classroom rules and made lots and lots of different marks with different tools and media. We are looking forward to next week when some more children come to play and take part in lots of different activities with us. 

First Week for our 15 hours children 

Our 15 hours children joined us and we have made lots of new friends. 

Friends all together

We are all settled now and happily playing with each other. We have learnt more rules like only two can play in the water play and four in the role play. We know when the tambourine shakes we have to stop and freeze so we can listen to what the teachers want us to do next. 
We have begun Lola the Listening Leopard sessions, cookery and outdoor learning sessions over the last couple of weeks which we thoroughly enjoy. We have taken an interest in Autumn so we are setting up an investigation table where we can explore Autumnal items. Whilst outside we discovered lots of spider web so we made spider web catchers then spent a week learning about them. Did you know spiders have 8 legs, 6-8 eyes, lay thousands of eggs and have blue blood!

Festival of Light Week
we had a great first week back after half term. The children were very excited as they were having a party on the Friday. To help celebrate throughout the week we talked about and had lots fun with various activities. We made our own firework pictures with pastels and even had a go at writing our name through making marks. We splatter painted, made firework explosions in maths, had a real fire at Forest school with marshmallows and a drink, tasted poppadum and mango chutney, created a firework dance in PE and then had our party. During our party we played musical statues, musical chairs and a firework game. Phew that was a busy week. 
Bee Buddy arrived and will be going home with one of our children each week who show one of the schools TORCH values. ( Tolerance, Ownership, Respect, Co-operation, Happiness) 

8th November - Christmas 

During-this half term we are going to concentrate on nursery rhymes. We start with The wheels on the bus and what an amazing week we had. The children made a huge bus together out of cardboard and decided to paint it rainbow colours. They made a picture of themselves and then chose which window they wanted to be in. They also had a go at painting their own bus. Mrs Southall and some children created some bus stops so that we could go on journeys. During maths we learnt about circles. We had ramps to roll down buses and cars and we even made track marks in the paint. 
Mud Day 

Mud day is always so much fun take a look at our photos 


Nursery Rhyme week 15-19th November 

We all took part in nursery rhyme week and sang all of these songs 

Incy Wincy

See the little Bunnies

Wind the Bobbin up

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 

Down in the Jungle 


Mr Sutton brought in his guitar and we sang nursery rhymes together. We also shared carrots for the rabbits, made healthy food faces, made a bobbin and built a strong wall for Humpty Dumty. 

December 2021

What a busy time this is in nursery. We have put up our Christmas tree and decorated it until the elf decided to take the baubles off so we had to do it again! We have decorated a pine cone with glue and glitter and added these to the tree. Its looks beautiful. We have also had a couple of snow days and made snowman Christmas cards. In Nursery we have been learning all about The Nativity. To help us understand we have listened to a story, made pictures and even learnt songs. We also had a visit from Mrs Backhouse from St Johns Church visit.  As we were so good we put on a little Nativity of our own and dressed up in costumes. Of course no Christmas would be the same without a  visit from Santa, a Christmas dinner and a Christmas Party.