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We are closed for the summer holidays! Children return on Thursday 2nd September 2021.
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Autumn Term

Autumn Term 2020

September 13th-25th

We have had a very busy two weeks settling into nursery. We have made lots of new friends and played really well together. We have discovered and investigated both indoors and outdoors. Please see below some of the things we have done


Owl Babies 5th - 16th October

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at and listening to the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the story. We have made nests, made our own play dough owls, made owl mud soup, painted an owl, used feathers to make marks, talked about feathers, wings and that owls come out at night and sleep in the day. We have also introduced Lola the listening Leopard and book change. In PE we have been doing Yoga, learning the rules of the hall and had the parachute out. 

Incy Wincy Spider  / Halloween 19th October 
The children were showing an interest in spiders so as it was Halloween we decided to look at the nursery rhyme Incy  Wincy Spider. We learnt some new skills such as scissors and a hole punch to create a spider. We played hide and seek the pumpkin, looked for spiders, made Halloween cakes, listened to the story of Incy Wincy and sang the rhyme too. We also looked at Mary Secole as part of Black History Month. The children learnt that she got medals for being such a good nurse and we then became nurseries and doctors to make our baby dolls better. 

Bonfire Week 2nd - 6th November 
We always have lots of fun bonfire week and this year was no exception. We have looked at and discussed pictures and videos of fireworks and Guy Fawkes. We splatter painted, used mathematical skills to make dough fireworks, had a fire at forest school and enjoyed eating marshmallows as well as making up a dance in PE and learning a song about 10 fireworks standing in a row. New language and vocabulary was learnt such a pop bang whizz whee whoosh explode loud ...... 
In big maths we learnt all about number 1. We continue with Lola the Listening Leopard. 

Whatever Next 9th- 13th November

As we had been so interested in rocket fireworks we linked our learning to the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We listened to the story, painted rockets, made a rocket using large branches in Forest school, had a picnic on the moon like the bear and the owl, made marks to write a picnic list.

In big maths we learnt all about number 2. In Lola we played games and had to listen very carefully to a bell saying when we could hear it and in which direction it was coming from.  

23rd November

We continued with another book by Jill Murphey A Piece of cake. We had lots of fun making cakes out of construction toys, talking about keeping fit and healthy, painting and decorating different cakes, playing in the role play cake shop. We continued to play listening games with Lola and in big maths we talked about the shapes triangles and square. We learnt that these shapes were flat 2d shapes and had sides and corners. 

30th November

This week we showed the teachers how good we were at all of our activities and what we had learnt so far in nursery since we started in September. The teachers were really proud of us.

Christmas Activities

We have been making and creating lots of festive things:

  • Christmas card
  • Calendar
  • Christmas pine cone decoration
  • Paper chains
  • Tree decoration
  1. We are having a visit from Mrs Backhouse who is one of our lunchtime supervisors and who also works at our local church St Johns. She is going to talk to us about The story of Jesus.
  2. The big man himself SANTA said hello by video link
  3. We have a panto to watch and have treats as we do ( just like in the cinema)
  4. Chrismas party games and fun
  5. Christmas dinner 


Autumn Term 2019


Nursery is all ready for our new children. Looking forward to seeing you all in the next couple of weeks after we have completed all of our Home Visits.

Investigating in our first few weeks

We have been making new friends and discovering all areas of the nursery

September 19

We have all settled into Nursery and have taken part in lots of different activities. Foxes have started Forest School, Badgers have started Woodwork. We have also been in the Hall for P.E and had a lovely day learning some Polish on European Languages Day.

October 2019

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about our senses. We have cooked, tasted food, used our nose to smell, listened and learnt a Hello song in sign, made handprints, looked at our eyes and why some people wear glasses (The children remind me when to put mine on know when reading a story), used our sense of touch to discover what was in the feely box  to name just a few. We have also been busy in big maths, phonics, forest school and woodwork.

November and December

We have been very busy learning lots of new things. We read and discovered about Julia Donaldson and covered lots of stories. Our favourite was the Gruffalo. In phonics we began to rhyme using Silly Soup we also did a lot of body percussion activities. In mental maths we learnt about shape and representing numbers using marks for numbers 1 2 and 3.

We finished November off with our Winter Craft Day ( Parent Partnership). Lots of parents attended and we had a wonderful time together.

December brought lots of exciting activities. We performed our Christmas Play to the school, our parents and the local community. We had a Christmas Party with Reception Children. Matt and Mrs Backhouse from St Johns Church came to visit us to tell us the story of Baby Jesus.

Previous Years

We have been very busy over the last few weeks showing our teachers what we can do and how we make friends.

October 2018

This half term we have been very busy. We have focused on several books. We started off with Owl Babies where we looked at the front cover and talked about what we could see. We also had to predict what might happen in the story. We discovered that owls have feathers and these help them to keep warm. We talked about how Owl hunt a night whilst we are fast asleep.

Jill Murphy

As part of our British values we concentrated on the author Jill Murphy. Jill lived in London and won an award for her story Five Minutes Peace. We have had lots of fun talking about the Large Family but our favourite story was Whatever Next. We even had a picnic on the moon like the bear.

Forest School

During forest school we have : Discussed rules and how to stay safe.

Looked at the season Autumn and sorted for different colours and natural materials.

Made spider web catchers

Made a rocket to get to the moon.


During our woodwork sessions we have had a go at tree rubbing and sorted for wood and not wood.

Black History

Mary Seacole - We talked about Mary Seacole and how she helped people in the war by looking after them. We then had the Dr and Nurses role play costumes out and made the dolls and teddy bears better a long with the staff!


November and December 2018

The first week back Nursery joined in with the Alien Invasion across the school. We made lots of different aliens using play dough, paint and glue. We also had a go at mark making an alien.

Following on from this we carried on with our Jill Murphy stories and looked at Peace at Last. We had lots of fun making lots of noise!

In Forest School we learnt how to use secateurs and in Woodwork we learnt how to sand wood. At the end of November we had a Winter Craft day where parents came in to do various crafts with their children. Thank you it was a lovely day.

We had the opportunity to decorate our Christmas tree with our parents.

December brought our Christmas performance of 'Little Owl' making Christmas cards and decorations as well as a Christmas Party. We also had time to fit in a day of cookery - making delicious Gingerbread.

In  big maths we haver been concentrating on shape and in phonics rhyming and further listening skills.

Our First Day 5.9.17

25.9.17 Jill Murphy Story Five Minutes Peace.

This week we have been learning all about Jill Murphy. We looked at the front cover and talked about what we could see and what we thought was going to happen in the story. We have painted elephants after we mixed black and white to make grey. We washed some clothes in the water play. We learnt ball skills in PE and had our first Forest school session. During maths we learnt about the shape 'circle' and then made elephant pictures. We learnt that Jill Murphy had a favourite story and we were asked to bring our favourite story into Nursery.

2.10.17 Jill Murphy A Piece of Cake

This week we have been talking about being healthy. We tried watermelon and honeydew melon for snack. We have sang the song Five Current Buns, painted cakes made play dough cakes and talked about our favourite stories we like to listen to at home. In PE we learnt new ball skills and in forest school made web catchers.

This week we were introduced to Peer Massage and a Funky Fingers challenge. The challenge was to peg washing on to the washing line.

We learnt that Jill Murphy had a favourite meal of sausage chips and beans.


This week in Nursery we have been very busy again. We began the week with a story by Jill Murphy but the large family were not in this story. It was all about a bear going to the moon in a rocket . Can you guess what story it was?

We listened to the story, played a game of hide the bear, were introduced to mental maths, made a sandwich, learnt throwing skills in P.E, made rockets and aeroplanes out of construction toys. In Forest School we played the game duck duck goose and learnt how to move large branches before making a huge rocket out of them together.

16.10.17 Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

We have continued our story this week and had lots more fun. We have written a list of picnic food, made pizza's, painted a bear, made rockets in forest school, cut our own jigsaws, counted and sorted food, played listening games in phonics, learnt number 2 in mental maths and more ball skills in P.E before we went to the moon to have our picnic. Phew! What a busy half term we have had.


Firework spectacular week

This week we have had lots of fun and excitement in Nursery. We have listened to firework sounds, played with shapes, made explosive dough designs, been fireworks in PE, made marks to Firework music by Katy Perry and had a go at using a fire flint in Forest School before we had a real fire with hot dogs, marshmallows and hot chocolate to finish off. Bee Buddies have been watching for children that have been kind and went home with four children.


 6.11.17 Jill Murphy - Peace At Last

This was our last week on Jill Murphy. The children have really enjoyed her stories and all of the activities we have done. This week we have listened to and re-enacted the story, made and decorated musical instruments, made a house for owl in Forest School, counted and made marks to represent numbers, learnt how to throw and catch scarves and bean bags, talked about size in mental maths, listened to and made instrumental sounds in phonics. We have also been making lots of marks  in the role play and at the farm as well as taking telephone messages.


This week in Nursery we have joined in with school and Anti Bullying Week. We have done so many things. We have talked about feeling happy, feeling safe, getting lost, saying no, helped Pudsey bear, made friendship bracelets, played group games and then ended the week with the school balloon launch.



This week we started to look at a new book We're Going On a Bear Hunt. We have listen to and joined in with the story, cut grass, painted ourselves, played in the mud, used water for maths, bounced balls in PE. We have been doing body percussion in Phonics and have looked at things that begin with the sound 's'. We even scared Miss Taylor with a snake puppet. In Maths we have been introduced to the numicon pieces one two three and four. Phew another busy week.


We have continued with our story We're Going on a Bear Hunt. This week we began with story scribing part of the story. We Scrunched newspaper to make a cave, designed snowflakes for the snowstorm and then followed instructions to make bear biscuits. In PE we continued bouncing balls. During phonics we played silly soup and learnt the sound 'a'. During Mental maths we continued with numicon up to number 5. The week finished with our Early Years Winter Craft Event. Thank You to everyone that came to support us. Fun was had by all.


We have been very busy getting ready for our Christmas Play next week. Our teachers are so proud of us. We have also been making some surprises for you and even fitted in some phonic songs s a t p. On Friday we made the most of the snow, Miss Taylor had a snowball fight, Miss Mantle was sledging (yes she even had a go herself) and Mrs Bogacki was the sledging stop champion.


This week we have been very busy with our Christmas play and the children did so well to adapt their routine as we had to change the performances due to all of the lovely snow!. We have also had our Christmas Lunch. The naughty elf has been up to mischief and we are hoping that he doesn't do anything else in Nursery next week.