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A change to our policy on parents on school grounds - please wear face masks and please try to socially distance and keep us all safe.
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Who's Who

Holly Grove Primary School Staff List

Leadership Team

Mrs O'Hare Head Teacher
Mrs. Barnes Assistant Head Teacher/ Senco/DSL
Mr O'Connor - Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Surplice Assistant Head Teacher

School Office

Mrs Bridges-Office Manager
Mrs Clark- Administrative Assistant
Mrs Dovey- Administrative Assistant

Nurture/Child Support

Mrs Coates -Nurture/behaviour hub
Mrs Fellows - Nurture/behaviour hub
Mrs Spencer - PP Champion


Miss Mantle - Teacher
Mrs Southall Teaching Assistant
Miss E Ewins - Nursery Assistant


Miss Marshall- EYFS Leader/Phonics Leader
Mrs Barnes - Assistant Head/Reception Teacher
Mrs. Ellis Nursery Nurse/ First Aider

Year 1/2

Mrs Bennett - Year Group Leader/PSHE Leader/Assistant Senco
Miss Mynett - Teacher P/T/Geography Leader
Mrs Sutton - Teacher P/T/ RE Leader
Mrs L Davies- Teacher/ Music Leader
Mrs Fellows - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Andrews - Teaching Assistant


Mr O'Connor - Assistant Head and Year Group Leader
Mrs Willis - Teacher/English Leader
Miss Kirby- Teacher
Mrs Carson - Teacher/Science Leader
Mrs Welch - Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Elstone- Teaching Assistant


Mrs. Surplice Yr5/6 Leader/Maths Leader
Mrs. A Taylor Year 5/6 Teacher - PE Leader
Mrs Hunt-Squires
Mrs Whiting - Year 5/6 Teacher (Maternity Leave) Art and MFL Leader
Mrs Ashton-Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Mrs Coates -Teaching Assistant

Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen

Mrs Heap - Catering Manager
Mrs Lichfield - Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs Brant - Catering Assistant
Mrs         -Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Hickman- Snr Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Holloway- Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Hammond-Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Meacham-Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Backhouse-Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Carpenter - Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Maintenance

Mr Barnes- Site Maintenance and Health & Safety
Mrs Holloway-Janitor
Miss MacDonald-Senior Cleaner
Mrs. S. Carpenter - Cleaner
Mrs Hackett - Cleaner
Mrs Wall - Cleaner

Holly Berries Staff

Miss Male- Play Leader
Mrs Andrews Play Worker
Mrs Hickman-Play Worker
Mrs Coates - Play Worker
Mrs L Welch - Play Worker