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The isolation period has changed today (Monday 16th March) on government advice. High temp or new persistent cough means 14 days of isolation for the whole family. Please adhere to this advice and notify the school accordingly. Thank you
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Who's Who

Holly Grove Primary School Staff List

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs O'Hare Head Teacher
Leadership Team 2 Mrs. Barnes Assistant Head Teacher
Leadership Team 3 Mr O'Connor - Assistant Head Teacher
Leadership Team 4 Mrs. Surplice Assistant Head Teacher

School Office

School Office 1 Mrs Bridges-Office Manager
School Office 2 Mrs Clark- Administrative Assistant
School Office 3 Mrs Dovey- Clerical Assistant

Nurture/Child Support

Nurture/Child Support 1 Mrs Coates -Nurture/behaviour hub
Nurture/Child Support 2 Mrs Fellows - Nurture/behaviour hub
Nurture/Child Support 3 Mrs Spencer - PP Champion


Nursery 1 Miss Mantle - Teacher
Nursery 2 Mrs Southall Teaching Assistant
Nursery 3 Miss E Willner - Nursery Apprentice
Nursery 4 Miss E Ewins - Nursery Assistant


Reception  1 Mrs Barnes - Early Years Leader/Reception Teacher
Reception  2 Miss Marshall- Teacher/Phonics Leader
Reception  3 Mrs. Ellis Nursery Nurse/ First Aider

Year 1/2

Year 1/2 1 Mrs Bennett - Year Group Leader
Year 1/2 2 Miss Mynett - Teacher
Year 1/2 3 Mrs Sutton - Teacher
Year 1/2 4 Mrs L Davies- Teacher
Year 1/2 5 Mrs Fellows - Teaching Assistant
Year 1/2 6 Mrs Andrews - Teaching Assistant


Yr3/4 1 Mr O'Connor - Assistant Head and Year Group Leader
Yr3/4 2 Mrs Willis - Teacher
Yr3/4 3 Mrs J Douglas - Teacher
Yr3/4 4 Miss Kirby- Teacher
Yr3/4 5 Mrs Mann - Teacher
Yr3/4 6 Mrs Carson - Teacher (maternity leave)
Yr3/4 7 Mrs Welch - Teaching Assistant
Yr3/4 8 Mrs D Elstone- Teaching Assistant


Yr5/6 1 Mrs. Surplice Yr5/6 Leader/Maths Leader
Yr5/6 2 Mrs. A Taylor Year 5/6 Teacher - PE Leader
Yr5/6 3 Mrs Whiting - Year 5/6 Teacher
Yr5/6 4 Mrs Mann - Teacher
Yr5/6 5 Mrs Ashton-Teaching Assistant/First Aider
Yr5/6 6 Mrs Coates -Teaching Assistant

Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen

Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen 1 Mrs Heap - Catering Manager
Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen 2 Mrs Lichfield - Assistant Catering Manager
Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen 3 Mrs Brant - Catering Assistant
Groovy Grove Diner - Kitchen 4 Mrs -Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Mrs Hickman- Snr Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Mrs Holloway- Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Mrs McQuillan-Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 4 Mrs Hammond-Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 5 Mrs Meacham-Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 6 Mrs Backhouse-Lunchtime Supervisor
Lunchtime Supervisors 7 Mrs S Carpenter - Lunchtime Supervisor

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance 1 Mr Barnes- Site Maintenance and Health & Safety
Site Maintenance 2 Mrs Holloway-Janitor
Site Maintenance 3 Miss MacDonald-Senior Cleaner
Site Maintenance 4 Mrs Wall - Cleaner
Site Maintenance 5 Mrs Hackett - Cleaner

Holly Berries Staff

Holly Berries Staff  1 Miss Male- Play Leader
Holly Berries Staff  2 Mrs Andrews Play Worker
Holly Berries Staff  3 Mrs Hickman-Play Worker
Holly Berries Staff  4 Mrs Coates - Play Worker
Holly Berries Staff  5 Mrs L Welch - Play Worker