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Religious Education

At Holly Grove Primary School we aim to deliver a broad programme of learning which allows children to develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of not only Christianity, but religious traditions, beliefs and practices from all major world faiths. Children are encouraged to use this understanding to help inform their responses to fundamental questions. Children are encouraged to reflect upon what it means to have a faith and consider their own beliefs.


Curriculum Aims

The role of Religious Education in schools is to help prepare and equip all pupils for life and citizenship in today’s diverse and plural Britain, through fostering in each pupil an increasing level of religious literacy.


The aims of RE within the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus are

that pupils should acquire:

1) An increasing core of insightful knowledge concerning religions and beliefs, both in Britain

and in more global terms;

By exploring religious beliefs, teachings and practices – so acquiring knowledge and

understanding of religious stories, sacred texts, lifestyles, rituals and symbolism that offer

insight into religious experience and living within a faith community.


2) A developing capacity to engage with ultimate questions and to formulate their own sense

of identity and values;

By engaging with fundamental questions – so appreciating the human and religious questions that are raised by life and its experiences, and through which meaning, significance and value are forged, and by expressing and evaluating their personal responses to such questions- so gaining skills to be able to relate the things studied and discussed, to their own experience.


3) A growing range of the social, spiritual and emotional skills and dispositions appropriate to

living well in a religiously plural and open society;

By reflecting – on the reality of religious diversity and on the issues raised by living in a diverse world - so developing skills of analysis and discernment in relation.


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