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Late/Absence Procedures

The school gates are opened from 8.45am and closed at 8.55am. Any child arriving after the school gates are locked need to come through the main school entrance and inform the Office Staff they are here. The office staff will ask the parent/carer to record reason for lateness in the signing in book. If a child arrives after 8.55am until 9.15am they will be marked as present but will be marked as “L”. If a child arrives after 9.15am they will be coded as “U”. All registers are checked by the office staff on a daily basis. If there are found to be unexplained absences the office staff will telephone the parents to ask why their child is not in school. The reason and the person whom was spoken to is recorded against the absence.



We need the parents to help the school by notifying us of all absences on the first day of sickness and every day after, including if they have taken their child to the doctors if the illness is longer than a couple of days. Please try to notify the school office by 9am. The office school will contact parents if we have not had notification of absence if we are unable to get in touch with parents we will record the absence as unauthorised.


The NHS gives the following advice on how long children should stay off school if they’re unwell.

Vomiting or diarrhoea 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped
Chickenpox When all the spots have crusted over – usually five days after they first appeared
Impetigo 48 hours after starting prescription medication, or when the patches have crusted over if they aren’t taking medication
Scarlet fever 24 hours after starting antibiotics, or two weeks after the symptoms start, if they aren’t taking medication
Hand, foot and mouth As long as your child is feeling unwell – there’s no need to wait until the blisters heal
Measles At least four days after the rash develops
Scabies 24 hours after the first treatment
Shingles  When the last blister has scabbed – usually 10 to 14 days after they first appear
Flu Five days

There's no need for your child to stay off school with these conditions, unless they’re feeling unwell:

  • Slapped cheek
  • Headlice
  • Coughs and colds
  • Threadworms
  • Ringworm
  • Verrucas (although your child should cover them with a plaster for PE and swimming)

School illness

If your child is ill you can complete the email below and send it to the school office before 9am to register them as sick.