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Watching videos online : information for Parents and carers

Watching videos online: what parents and carers need to know

Children love watching videos online. In this article (click on the link below) we look at how to talk to your child about inappropriate content and keeping safe when watching videos. 

Watching videos is one of the most popular ways children and young people consume content online. 91% of 5-15 year olds watch video-on-demand content online and 97% use video sharing platforms, with YouTube being the most used platform (Ofcom Children and Parents: Media use and attitudes report 2020/21).

There are many reasons why children might enjoy this online activity. Videos can be entertaining, funny, creative or educational. From silly animal videos to slime-making or video-game tutorials, the internet has it all. But the amount and availability of content children of all ages can enjoy does increase the risk that they may see something inappropriate.

There’s a great information sheet with links