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Travel to School Plan from Staffordshire County Council

To support the government guidance Staffordshire County Council has produced the following Travel to School Action Plan to support our schools reopening.


Normally there are around 120,000 pupils travelling to and from school every day in Staffordshire. Around 8,000 children are entitled to free Home to School transport on 800 routes to 150 schools, with the remaining 112,000 making their own way to and from the classroom every day. Many children already walk or cycle to school (average 40% in Staffordshire) and we want them to continue. Walking, cycling or scooting to school are the most accessible ways to reduce congestion and pollution, while also improving the mental and physical wellbeing of pupils.


As children return to school and parents to work, the benefits that active travel brings are more important than ever. Please support our school  in these unusual times by helping to  reduce the number of cars in the immediate school vicinity; for the benefit of residents, for the safety of our pupils and the environment.


You can find the Travel Plan in Letters.