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Rotary child Autumn Term 2018

Our Rotary Child for Autumn Term was Harry! 

Well done! 

When choosing the winner of the Rotary Award this term, Harry was an easy choice. Throughout his time at Holly Grove, he has tried hard to display all of our TORCH values, showing respect and tolerance for everyone - both adults and children - and always uses manners that any parent would be proud of. This term he has stood out even more than before and impressed all of his teachers.

Harry has shown in all of his lessons that he has the determination to succeed and has tried hard to achieve the best work that he can, asking for support when he has needed it and giving support to others in the class when he has mastered a topic that they are struggling with.

He is always ready to offer a helping hand and notices when things need doing without having to be asked.

No matter what sort of day it is, Harry is always ready to brighten everyone’s mood with a cheerful smile, a funny story or a quirky one-liner. His sense of humour often brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

All of these attributes would have been enough to receive this award. However, it is at lunchtimes that Harry has made a huge impact this term. He often gives up his time to help the younger children with games – how to play fairly and how to get along with each other. He has a wonderful, caring nature that the little ones adore, especially as he so patient with them.

Harry’s all-round attitude to school is one to be proud of; he is an excellent role model who displays a mature and friendly nature that all should aspire to.