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Class Dojo information letter

 Dear Parents, 

In regards to improving how we communicate with parents and giving parents greater insight into what happens in school, we have set up Class Dojo accounts for each teacher and child. By now, you should have received a letter detailing how to download, join and set up your Class Dojo account. Class Dojo is a behaviour system we use in school where each child has a monster avatar that earns ‘monster points’ for positive behaviours and children’s work in school. 

I hope that you will have now joined and connected with your child’s monster in school on your devices at home. This means you will receive notifications every time your child receives a monster point. You will also be able to see ‘class stories’ from time to time where the teacher will post a little information about what the children have been doing in a particular lesson. 

We hope that you find Class Dojo to be a convenient and exciting way of being made aware of how your child is getting on in school. 

You, or your child, can also message your teachers. With regards to messaging we would just like to clarify how to use them:


  • Do message your child’s teacher if you want to share something positive from home or congratulate your child on something they have done in school
  • Do message your child’s teacher if you have a small query or would like to find out something simple
  • You can message on Class Dojo to ask the teacher if you could arrange to see them
  • You can use Class Dojo for any general day to day communication  
  • Do message your child’s teacher on Class Dojo if your child has any minor worries, for example:
    • Jack didn’t quite understand fractions today; could you speak to him about it please?
    • Sarah thinks she has lost her reading diary in school, could you help her find it please?


  • Please do not message your child’s teacher to notify them of absences or illnesses – this should be done via the school office as normal
  • Please do not use Class Dojo to message about any urgent or serious issues; please use the school office and normal school procedures for this

Teachers will always endeavour to reply as quickly as possible. However, please bear in mind that school life can be incredibly busy and whilst every effort will be made to reply or acknowledge messages, there may be a slight delay on occasion. Additionally, please do not expect a reply to any messages sent after 5:00pm as teachers will not be able to reply. 

We hope this clarifies any questions you may have and that you enjoy connecting with us and your children through Class Dojo. 


 Mr O’Connor