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Torch Values

Torch Values


The values we felt were important to help us with our mission statement, we have called our Torch Values. These values are the basis on what we feel all our children need to learn and demonstrate.

  • Tolerance
  • Ownership
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Happiness
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  • Tolerance is knowing we are all unique and different. 
  • Tolerance is being open-minded and understanding
  • Tolerance is sharing oursimilarities and accepting our differences.


Tolerance Award Children 21st September 2018

Tolerance Award Children 21st September 2018 1
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  • Ownership is taking care of myself and others 
  • Ownership is being fair and honest
  • Ownership is doing my share of the work 
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  • Respect is appreciating and listening to others 
  • Respect is liking who I am 
  • Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable 
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  • Cooperation is helping one another
  • Cooperation is working together with patience 
  • Cooperation is collective effort to reach a goal 
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  • Happiness is feeling good and peaceful inside 
  • Happiness is knowing I am loved and safe 
  • Happiness is sharing good wishes with everyone 
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