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Please follow government guidance stay at home if you can , reduce contacts, wash hands regularly and get fresh air into rooms to help air rooms.
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Phase 1 

As soon as the children have all settled in we will begin our phonic sessions. 

We start with listening skills before we begin Letters and Sounds Phase 1.


Phase 1 has 7 Aspects to cover. We will revisit aspects if we feel the children need further consolidation of learning.

Aspect 1 - General sound discrimination - environmental

Aspect 2 - General sound discrimination - instrumental sounds

Aspect 3 - General sound discrimination - body percussion

Aspect 4 - Rhythm and rhyme

Aspect 5 - Alliteration

Aspect 6 - Voice sounds

Aspect 7 - Oral blending and segmenting

Please see the powerpoint below for more information in order to help you and your child at home.




Useful web address

Zoo animal Sounds -