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Speed Bounce Challenge

Following on from last weeks Blind Balance challenge that ultimately ended with 251 children and 10 schools taking part, it was going to be difficult to match that this week.


However, a huge thanks to everyone again for sharing and encouraging your students and families to take part, as again we managed to get 10 schools (Scotch Orchard, Springhill, Holly Grove, St Joseph and St Theresa, Fulfen, St Josephs, Charnwood, Boney Hay, Lichfield Cathedral, and St Chads) engaging their pupils with the challenge.


Special mention goes to Springhill for getting not only so many staff members involved, but getting everyone to be creative, completing the challenge in fancy dress or using unusual objects to jump over- my favourites were the glow in the dark ones!


Another special mention to Holly Grove who this week managed to get 119 children taking part.



1. Holly Grove

2. St Joseph and St Theresa

3. Scotch Orchard



Individual- Khadija from Scotch Orchard




1. Holly Grove

2. Fulfen

3. Boney Hay


Individual- Luca from Holly Grove



1. Charnwood

2. Holly Grove

3. Fulfen


Individual- Leyla from Charnwood



1. Holly Grove

2. Springhill

3. Lichfield Cathedral


Individual- Josh from Holly Grove


Teacher/Parent efforts

1. Parent from Holly Grove

2. Mr Parker from Scotch Orchard

3. Mr Turner from Lichfield Cathedral

If you can get on twitter- it is well worth checking out the Springhill teacher efforts!


Once again- well done to everyone, and thank you for sharing the challenge.