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Welocome Back!

Welocome Back! 1

Happy New Year to all children and parents! 


We hope you had a restful break and are looking forward to the new year as much as we are. Thank you all for your generosity and kindness with the gifts we have received, we are very grateful.


Spring 1

This half term our new topic will be looking at rivers and mountains. This is an extension of the knowledge the children have been building up in the last half term looking at the world and some of the countries that exist. We will be looking at specific mountains and rivers and comparing mountains and rivers of our own with rivers and mountains found elsewhere in the world. We are looking at trips for the children too which will link with this topic in particular! 


We are sure the children will find this a fun and educational topic! 

We will add topic pictures here for you to look through!



Hello everyone, 


Thank you for visiting our page! You will find lots of useful information here that relates to our class specifically. We will update the page regularly with information, documents, pictures and any other bits and pieces we'd like to share! 


Please make sure you are signed up to and receiving messages on Class Dojo! Thank you. 


Children collect Monster Points across the year now. The points they earn help them work their way up the rewards chart below! As you can see, there are some very exciting prizes for the children to earn!


Good Luck!

Win a sticker

10 points

Pick a new monster

20 points

Sweet treat

30 points

Go see Mrs O’Hare

40 points

Treat box prize

50 points

10 mins extra break with a friend

60 points

Pick another new monster

70 points

Computer/iPad time (15 minutes)

80 points

Have lunch in classroom with a friend

90 points

Class Dojo Certificate

100 points

Bring show and tell item in to share with class

120 points

Desk swap (one day)

140 points

Teacher’s helper for the day

160 points

Take 2 friends onto the adventure playground (15 minutes)

180 points

Come into school in your own clothes for a day

200 points

20 minutes extra play with 2 friends

220 points

Special Golden Dinner table at lunch with 3 friends

250 points

Special certificate in school assembly with mom and dad invited to come in and see the award

300 points

Spend an afternoon with Mrs O’Hare as a Deputy Headteacher

350 points

Autumn 1 Topic

As you know our topic the first half term is Egypt and Egyptians. We will update this page with work and pictures collected in class!


Image result for egyptians pictures for kidsImage result for egyptians pictures for kids

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