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Nursery Homework Autumn 2018
Nursery Homework Spring 2019
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Summer Term 1 April - May 18
January - April 2018

5th January 2018

This week is talk homework.  We would be grateful if you could talk to the children about winter and why we need to feed the birds.

19th January 2018

Please see the attached homework. Groups can be found in the Phonics and Maths star icon

26th January


2nd February

This week we would like you find out and talk about things that hatch from eggs including dinosaurs. You may wish to draw pictures or find pictures to put up on your My Space. How many different ones can you find. 

16th February 

This weeks homework is a new Parent Partnership. Have Fun


Please find below the hew homework menu and letter for this half term. Thank you 

September - December 2017
22.9.17 Favourite Fruit
29.9.17 Please bring in a favourite story from home for us to share.
5.10.17 Favourite Meal
13.10.17 Talk homework. This week in nursery we have been learning positional language. Please could you ask the children where things are e.g. On top, next to, under, in etc. 


Please see the parent partnership letter. Thank you


This week in phonics we have been listening to environmental sounds. Please could you make a list (pictorially or written) of the sounds you hear inside and outside of the house over the weekend, and then bring them in to put up on your My Space in the cloakroom. Thank You


This week we have been making and following trails using arrows, handprints and foot prints. Can you lay a trail at home inside or outside and take a photograph when it is finished. You can send these on Class Dojo if you prefer.


Please see sheet attached


Please see this weeks newsletter


This week we have learnt the song about the sound 't'. Please see how many things you can find that begin with 't'. If you would like to you can send us photo's through class dojo. It is always lovely to see what the children do.


There will be no homework now until after Christmas. Thank You for your continued support.